Benedikt Jahnel (28th May 1980)

"Jahnel's music is very intelligently designed - but would only be worth half as much if it did not compensate mental performances with soulful melos, with lyrical and unconditional beauty." (S. Pakzad, Jazzthing, April 18)

The balanced combination of minimal music, complex rhythms, vocal melodies and multidimensional harmonies characterize the play of Benedikt Jahnel. With his compositions, the Berlin-based pianist and composer creates filigree structures that exert an almost magical pull on the listener. His second passion, mathematics, flows into his music in the best sense of the word: crystal clear transparency and large forms form the framework for intense moods. Concert tours to nearly 50 countries, appearances at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Jazz Baltica, Carnegie Hall New York, as well as numerous sideman and soloist recordings at ECM and ACT testify to his irrepressible creativity and energy.

Benedikts musical training started in Munich, southern Germany with classical piano lessons. Followed by six in the Bavarian and German youth Big Band as well as studies at the University of Art in Berlin with David Friedman and Hubert Nuss, and at City College New York with John Patitucci, Kenny Werner, Jean-Michel Pilc, ...

Benedikt toured with his ensembles in more than 45 countries around the globe. His is holder of several music awards and scholarships including one from the DAAD that allowed him to live and study in New York between 2005 and 2007. His is very greatful for beeing given the opportunity to work as assistant teacher and giving workshops at several universities.

As leader and coleader Benedikt has released a number of recordings. In the past years he has worked with the follwoing musicians and groups: 'Benedikt Jahnel TRIO'; 'Cyminology'; 'Max.bab'; 'Metropol Orchestra' (NL) (Leitung: John Clayton); 'Bundes Jugend Orchester' (Leitung: Gunther Schuller); 'Prana Trio New York' (USA); 'Matteo Sabatini Quartet' (I, USA, D); Rich Perry, Phil Woods, Ack Van Royen, Johannes Enders, Charlie Mariano, David Friedman, Frank Möbus, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Dave Liebman, John Abercrombie, Manfred Eicher, Clarence Penn, Jonas Burgwinkel, Dan Weiss, Sara Caswell, Henning Sieverts, Gunther Schuller, Peter Herbolzheimer, Bart Van Lier, Kate McGarry, Brandenburger Sinfoniker, Martin Stegner, ...

Jahnel also has a PhD in mathematics. He is currently working as a researcher at the Weierstrass Institute Berlin. His main intrests are interacting particle systems and their describtion via Gibbs-measures in the contect of probability theory.

"This guy is swinging ...“ - "... great flow" says Richie Beirach and John Taylor adds: "Benedikt is an energetic musician with excellent time and interesting ideas" - "... I was pleased to hear his new compositions".

"Benedikt is a creative, sensitive and communicative personality." - "... he plays his ass off!" (David Friedman)