:::Music score release:::

15.12.2021: Piece "Segen" (Blessing) digital and physical copies available

Proud and very happy that my short piano piece "Blessing" was recently published by music transcriber, engraver and publisher Savva Terentyev alongside more music by such distinguished artists as Tigran Hamasyan and Roman Stolyar. Please visit his website to order both digital and beautifully printed physical copies.

:::Pakistan 2019:::

23.11.2019: Three wonderful concerts in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi

At the invitation of the Goethe Institute, Cyminology has completed a fantastic concert tour in Pakistan. As part of the Faiz Festival in Lahore, it gave an appearance in front of hundreds of guests with live video streaming. In Islamabad there was a concert as part of the first Islamabad Art Fest in the great Pakistan National Arts Council. The final concert was in Karachi at the Arts Council. Find another picture in the gallery.

:::Jazzthing 2018:::

01.04.2018: Top 10 young german Jazz pianists

The best-selling German jazz magazine JAZZTHING has selected Benedikt among the top 10 most influential young German Jazz pianists. Ssirus Pakzad writes: "Anyone who hears the recordings of Jahnel's tried and tested trio (...) quickly realizes that his brain and heart are in the best possible way." Jahnel's music is very intelligent - but would only be worth half as much if it were not for mental achievements even with animated melos, with lyrical and unconditional beauty."

:::Trio: "The Invariant":::

13.01.2017: CD OUT

The third recording of the Benedikt Jahnel Trio is officially released. There is already some nice feedback from the press. For example Karl Lippegaus from STEREO magazin writes: "This exquisite chamber jazz is quite at the height of its time, intelligently constructed and filled with vitality." Find the latest concert dates under Dates. Also there is a new video epk at Video, and a sound sampler at Music.

:::Trio: "The Invariant":::

01.12.2016: Release of third recording on January 13th 2017

The Benedikt Jahnel Trio proudly announces the official release of its third trio record. Again on ECM. The Benedikt Jahnel Trio begins its tour with dates in Germany in January and February 2017, followed by shows in France in Spain. Concerts in Canada and the US are currently being set up under Termine.

:::Cyminology: Live at Jazz Baltica:::

24.06.2016: Cyminology live at Jazz Baltica

Cyminology once again played a concert at legendary Jazz Baltica. At the beautiful concert space at Timmendorfer Strand we had the great honor to play before an audience of over 1000. Again part of the band wonderful Martin Stegner on viola. This and more pictures in the gallery are by Folkert Jung. Concerts as usual in the calender:

:::Trio: Recording Session in Oslo:::

05.04.2016: Finished recording our new Cd for ECM at Rainbow Studios

The Benedikt Jahnel TRIO featuring Owen Howard on drums and Antonio Miguell on bass has just finished recording its new Cd. This time we where at the famous Rainbow Studios in Oslo with Jan-Erik Kongshaug engineering. As last time the unqiue Manfred Eicher from ECM was the producer. The Cd is going to be released in january 2017 and there will of course also be a concert tour. Updates as usual in our calender:

:::Trio: Konzerte in Rumania:::

22.02.2016: Feat. Henning Sieverts and Jonas Burgwinkel in Cluj and Bucharest

Wonderful concerts and people in Cluj and Bucharest. Had very warm feelings about being back after so many years. More concerts, for example in the Allerheiligen Hofkirche in Munich in april, can be also followed using our newsfeed:

:::Cyminology: Concerts in Japan:::

10.12.2015: Japan Tour

The Cd-Releastour is almost over. We just came had a wonderful concert with Martin Stegner at the Kammermusiksaal of the Berlin Philharmony. Moreover, we had a beautiful tour in Japan including concerts in Tokyo and Yokohama. Check out more stuff on our wbesite: More concerts, for example in the Allerheiligen Hofkirche in Munich in april, can be also followed using our newsfeed: , More details at, music sample: musik, video EPK: video

:::Cyminology: New Cd PHOENIX:::

05.02.2015: New Cd and Releasetour

Release: 20. Februar 2015. This is the fifth Cyminology recording and the third for ECM. Again we recorded at legendary Rainbowstudios Oslo with Jan Erik Kongshaug. Special guest this time: Viola player MARTIN STEGNER from the amazing Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Phoenix is again personally produced by Manfred Eicher. We also have a new website and many concerts in the next months - see calnder: , More details at, music sample: musik, video EPK: video

:::Trio Tour in Germany:::

25.09.2014: More concerts with Owen Howard and Antonio Miguel

Dear friends, we some more concerts coming up soon in southern Germany. Hope to see you there. Sign in for the calender: .

:::Cyminology: New Cd out soon!:::

17.09.2014: New Website, new Trailer, New Cd: Phönix

Dear friends of Cyminology. We have a new Cd called PHÖNIX. The relase date is february 27th 2015. It will again appear on ECM and is recorded at Oslos famous Rainbow studios with Manfred Eicher and Jan-Erik Kongshaug. We feature also Martin Stegner from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. There is a new website aufgenommen. Passend dazu gibt es eine neue Webseite: and a new video-trailer.

:::Trio Tour in the US and Kanada:::

30.06.2014: Concerts in New York, Rochester, Edmonton, Medicine Hat and Vancouver

We had a great time on our five-gig tour in the US and Canada. Every single concert was a treat. Wonderful audiences, wonderful concertmakers, wonderful hosts .. Thank you all!! The Edmonton Journal wrote: "Jahnel’s own piano role takes on hints of a minimalist rhythmic esthetic at points and profound love of melody at others. That added appreciation of the math hasn’t stopped Jahnel from beautiful, atmospheric and intuitive music making" (whole Artikel). Find some pictures at our gallery.

Thanks goes to our sponsor: "Gefördert durch die Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH mit Projektmitteln des Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien auf Grund eines Beschlusses des Deutschen Bundestages."

Next tour will be in the fall in Germany and then hopefully next year a new Cd release. See ya!!

:::Cyminology Cd Recording:::

03.03.2014: Rainbow Studios in Oslo with Manfred Eicher

Just finished recording our fifth Cd and our third one for ECM. As before, genius producer Manfred Eicher was with us at legendary Rainbow Studios in Oslo. Cogenius soundman Jan Erik Kongshaug was also at the scene. Very enjoyable session.

:::Jazzfest Odessa:::

21.09.2013: Live at Jazzfest Odessa - Ukraine

Dear friends, we had a wonderful time in the Ukraine: Odessa, Vinnitsa and Kiev. The Odessa Philharmony was full with over 1000 people in the audience. Find more pictures at the Gallery and here a short video. Right now we are still on tour in Germany and Austria. More details at our calender: .

More at Trio, Listen to some sample music Music, Video EPK under Video

:::Jazzsummer Augsburg:::

01.08.2013: Live at Botanic Garden

Dear friends and followers. Thanks for your lovely support in Augsburg. The location was a blast - a Pavillon in the middle of the Botanic Garden with 360 degree audience. The next concert in in september in Odessa - we are looking forward. As always: Check our calender:

More details at Trio, Listen to some sample music Music, Video EPK under Video

:::Jazz Baltica:::

01.07.2013: Fantastic times at Baltica

Dear friends, we had a fantastic time at Jazz Baltica. We played right after my dear friend and musical alter ego for many years Max von Mosch with his amazing Tentett. It was a blast and we had a truly wonderful time meeting all the fellow musicians and hear them play. We are looking forward to the next time. As always: Check our calender:

More details at Trio, Listen to some sample music Music, Video EPK under Video

:::Jazz Baltica & New Reviews:::

20.06.2013: Next week on Baltica, great review

Dear friends, we have the homot and the pleasure to play next week on one of the biggest and most famous Jazz festivals in Europe: Jazz Baltika. We will share the stage that afternoon with m dear friend Max von Mosch and his amazing Tentett.
Apart from that we got a really great review from Tyran Grillo on Here are some of his comments: "Without question, among ECM’s Top 5 releases of 2012. ...Zen groove aesthetic... Jahnel is both the voice of reason and its crumbling philosophies." More at press. As always: calender:

More details at Trio
Listen to some sample music Music
Video EPK under Video

:::Tour finished:::

05.03.2013: 17 days and 17 wonderful concerts

Dear friends and followers, it is done! We are back from our tour: 17 concerts in 17 days. We traveled between Cologne and Dresden and between Kiel and Basel. Thank you very much for being with us! We enjoyed every single night very much. It was very interesting to see how the music developed. We got some really nice reviews: press. More pictures you find in the gallery. Details on future concerts (for example at Jazz Baltica) you find as always under dates, or simply get our calender:

More details at Trio, Listen to some sample music Music, Video EPK under Video

:::Releasetour, video and pressclips:::

01.02.2013: Releasetour 2nd part

Dear friends and followers, in just a few days we are on the road again. 17 concerts in 17 days. This is the second part of our album release-tour, we are very excited. At the same time we proudly present our new video epk - check it out under video. For details concerning the concerts, check our itinerary, or get our calender: . There are also some really nice new pressclips out: press. Hope to see you soon best regards Benedikt, Owen & Antonio.

More details at Trio, Listen to some sample music Music, Video EPK under Video

:::New pressclips, concerts, EPK, etc ..:::

08.12.2012: Radio, press, concerts

In the past weeks there have been many really nice reviews on our new recording. We accumulated some of them under press. There is also a great radio feature (in german) at BR. There is also a nice review on online. There is also some feedback from Spain and even Romania: or
We would like to invaite you all to see the wunderful exhibition 'ECM — A Cultural Archaeology' at Munich 'Haus der Kunst'. There one can see until february 2013 the visual art of ECM. Also some really great concerts of ECM artists from Jazz and Classical.
In the near future there will also be an EPK going online.
The new tour in february 2013 is completely booked. For details check our itinerary, or get our calender: . We are particulary happy to announce our concert at the 2013 Jazz Baltica.

More details at Trio
Listen to some sample music Music

:::First half of the tour: 'Equilibrium':::

14.10.2012: Ten concerts are over

The first half of the tour is over. Owen and Antonio are savely back home. In fabruary we are on the road again. It has been a wonderful time. We got some great reactions from the media - see press. A few more pictures you can find under galery. Also on Facebook we had some great followers that liked and commented what we did - thank you!
John Patitucci wrote a nice email "Congratulations, Benedikt and Antonio, this is a wonderful thing to see. I have also been hearing very good things about Owen, so this must be a wonderful recording." and also Wolfgang Muthspiel commented: "Bravo!".
We did an EPK and new band pictures that we can hopefully present in the near future. The above pictures are from Benita Schulze.
As stated above: We are on the road again in spring - check out our calender:

More details at Trio
Listen to some sample music Music

:::Cyminology: Creole Winner Tour:::

30.09.2012: Ten Concerts in Germany

Dear friends - the CREOLE tour is over. We had ten wonderful concerts - thank you everybody for being with us! There are some really good reviews now online. Also you can find some tour-impressions on our facebook site. Facebook/Cyminology.

:::The second Trio Cd: 'Equilibrium':::

20.08.2012: Release-dates

ECM 2251: The release-dates are now out. In Germany it will be September 21st 2012, in the UK it will October 1st. Most other european countries will follow around these dates. USA: November 6th 2012. Check out our tourplan and get our calender:

:::Release of second TRIO recording: 'Equilibrium':::

31.05.2012: Benedikt Jahnel TRIO - Equilibrium

ECM 2251: After three years of preparation, the Benedikt Jahnel TRIO releases its second long anticipated studio-album ‘EQUILIBRIUM’ - this time on the renowned label ECM. Recorded and produced by legendary mastermind Manfred Eicher himself, the new album fully realizes the expectations of the TRIO: together with the famous atmosphere and brilliance of ECMs recordings the iridescent energy and intelligence of the TRIO is at it’s best.

The band: Owen Howard - drums & Antonio Miguel - bass play exclusively original pieces. The will be a release tour in the fall 2012 and spring 2013 - more details at Itinerary. Get the calender:

More details at Trio
Listen to some sample music Music

:::Social networks:::

30.06.2012: Facebook, Twitter & Co

Dear visitor: cou can follow benedikt now on 'Facebook' and 'Twitter'. Just click on the pictures.

If you like what you find on this website just click on the 'flattr' button. With this you can make mini-donations. If you find anything you like: For example music,
videos or scores - just click on the link.

:::Max.bab in Paris:::

25.04.2012: Max.bab live at Goethe Paris

This time with Jonas Burgwinkel on the drums - was a lot of fun. Check out pictures at Benedikts gallery.

:::Cyminology at WDR Radio:::

21.12.2011: Cyminology live at WDR3

After several beautiful concerts in november in Kassel, Bremen and Kiel this time we were performing for the west german radio station WDR in Bielefelds amazing Oetker-Hall. Finally we played in Ketans hometown. There is a link to listen back to the gig:

:::Max.bab in South-East Asia:::

15.10.2011: Max.bab four weeks South-East Asia

Max.bab is savely back from our amazing tour in south-east asia. It was an amazing experience in every respect. Find our blog-page (in german):

Also there are several nice reviews on our concerts:

Henning Sieverts on bass was a real thrill - thanks Henning. More pictures at gallery.

:::Benedikt Jahnel TRIO recording dates:::

01.08.2011: Just finished new Trio recording

The Benedikt Jahnel Trio was in the studio again in july. This time with Manfred Eicher and ECM in Lugano Switzerland. We recorded our second album 'Equilibrium'. It has been a wonderful experience - the recording sound really good. The release is going to next fall. There will be also a release-tour in September 2012 and february 2013. Check our itinterary.

There is also a new video to check out and a few pictures at our gallery. There are also some nice pictures of our last tour in october at the gallery. Find some new press-clips at press. Just to present one: "Music full of refinement. Unsentimental, smart, extremely clearly structured, with great overview - he is an amazing sensitive impressionist." (Katja Seebald, Münchner Merkur 10/2009).

Now you can also order a songbook under scores with the complete music of 'Modular Concepts'. More details on the trio at: Trio

:::Cyminology Festival:::

17.07.2011: Cyminology live at 'Jazz an der Donau'

Cyminology for the second time plays at 'Jazz an der Donau'. We played right before Al Jarreau and after Randy Brecker with Medeski, Martin & Wood. That was very cool. Backstage - handshake with the heros.

:::Cyminology in Venezuela:::

17.06.2011: Cyminology in Caracas (Venezuela)

Cyminology traveling again. We were invited by the Goetheinstitut in Caracas. Two TV performances including some dancing, interviews and a wonderful concert with a hugh crowd - it was amazing. Some pictures in the gallery.

:::Max.bab in Madrid:::

30.06.2011: Max.bab live in Madrid

Max.bab was in Madrid for a few wonderful days. The concert was completely sold out and a great experience. The reactions were amazing - thanks to everybody again.

:::Cyminology wins CREOLE national competition:::

22.05.2011: Wins CREOLE - globale music from germany 2010/2011

Cyminology just won the national Creole competition. "The jury awards Cyminology for great interply, smart, sensitive, compositions and the perfect, but still touching presentation." There is already a video online on youtube: video and pictures at gallery

:::Cyminology Popcamp scholarship:::

22.05.2011: Popcamp scholarship

Cyminology is going to be supported agian by the PopCamp masterclass for populat music. Popcamp is a project of the german music association and supports young german bands on their way up. Cyminology was part of the first group of participants in 2005 and is very happy to still be a part of the selection.

:::Cyminology live at Berlin Philharmony:::

20.12.2010: Cyminology at the Philharmony Berlin

Cyminology had the great oportunity to perform in the big lobby hall of the berlin Philharmony in front of more than 1000 guests in the audience. Also on stage were two amazing musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: Walter Seyfarth - clarinette and Martin Stegner - viola. It was a beautiful experience. A few more pictures at the gallery.

:::Cyminology CD release:::

10.12.2010: Cyminologys fourth CD: Saburi

Cyminology new recording "Saburi" is going to be released in january 2011. The releaseconcert is in the A-Trane Berlin. More concerts in germany are going to follow in the spring. The recording took place In january 2010 together with Manfred Eicher at the Rainbow Studios in Oslo. Listen to some of the music at: music.

:::Benedikt Jahnel TRIO live:::

April 2010: Tour in Germany

The trio was again on tour for two weeks in germany. Like the last times it was again a wonderful experience. A few more pictures at: gallery.

:::Max.bab in central asia:::

April 2010: Max.bab live in Kasachstan

The Goetheinstitut again invited us to play a few concerts. This time in Astana & Almaty. We were supposed to also perform in Bischkek (Kirgisia) - unfortunately there were riots and the country closed its borders. With us this time: Jonas Burgwinkel on drums. It has been an unforgetabe experience to meet so many beatiful people from a great culture.

:::Cyminology live in London:::

16.11.2009: Cyminology live at Pizza Express London

Cyminology live at Jazzfestival London.

:::Benedikt Solo: Exhibition music:::

22.11.2009: Bizarre Begegnungen

The exhibition: Bizarre Begegnungen - Pictures look at you ind Penzberg featured paitings from the collection Brabant. Benedikt has contributed three small piano pieces including a recording of those that is available together with the catalog. Meore information at projects.

:::Benedikt Jahnel TRIO live:::

Oktober 2010: Tour in Germany

The trio was on tour again in germany for two weeks. Look at some pictures in the gallery.

:::Cyminology Portrait at ARTE:::

30.08.2009: Cyminology TV-Feature at Arte. Recorded in Vienna

KCyminology played a concert at Jazzfest Vienna at the Porgy & Bess Jazzclub. ARTE TV recorded a portrait for its format Metropolis. September 19th 2009 the feature is going to be broadcasted and there will be a reschedule at september 26th 2009 at 12.45 pm. Whatch the featutre in full length: video

:::Benedikts Poetry of Logic:::

July 2009: At Tacheles Culturalcenter Berlin

The repeat of the Soundinstallation in Berlin. The invitation came form Ralf and Cymin from Cyminoloyg for their series: Berlin. There was a short talk with MC Harald Sommerfeld - also a Mathematician. Some pictures art gallery.

:::Benedikts Poetry of Logic:::

June 2009: At the ZS-Art-Gallery in Vienna

Benedikt got invited to be part of: Connected Concepts - Poetry of Logic (2009: ZS-ART Gallery Vienna).
His contribution was a 60min Dolby 6.0 Soundinstallation.
Here is a short text: For thousands of years now there has been no doubt about the mutually inspiring parallels between music and mathematics. The work of the music for common exhibition with Walter Angerer-Niketa and Harald Plochberger has offered to me - as mathematician and musician - the opportunity to combine both my passions in the most conscious of ways. My intense search for mathematics in music and music in mathematics inspired me to formulate two complementary compositions.

More information at projects. More pictures at gallery. Also a video: video

:::Cyminology in New York:::

May 2009: Cyminology plays concerts in New York

With the support of the Goethe Institut and the Auswärtigen Amt Cyminology plaed concerts in New York. Just at the right moment when our new recording gets released there on may 5th. We will play five gigs inclusing a double bill with THEO BLECKMANN AND BEN MONDER (Thursday): Cyminology is a chamberlike ensemble led by Cymin Samawatie, a German vocalist of Iranian descent. On a reflective new album, “As Ney” (ECM), the group explores jazzlike sonic terrain, but with Ms. Samawatie singing poetic texts in Persian. This album-release performance will include an opening set by Mr. Bleckmann, a vocalist, and Mr. Monder, a guitarist, who have released their own hauntingly ethereal albums together, most recently “At Night” (Songlines). At 8:30 p.m., Cornelia Street Café, 29 Cornelia Street, West Village, (212) 989-9319. More pictures at the gallery.

:::Max.bab Management-Workshop:::

Mai 2009: Two days with the management of AUDI-AG

May 2009: Max.bab had the pleasure to give a tweo day workshop for the Audi AG. The focus was patternbreaking in a virtuoso team. Our band served as a example for intuitive interplay in a highperformance team. On the second day Max.bab played aconcert together with the 14 topmanagers at Birdland Neuburg. More information at projects. As well as more pictures at the gallery.

:::Cyminology - Indian Ozean:::

März 2009: Cyminology on the ship

On Friday Cyminology starts its trip in the direction Singapur. On sunday we board the ship and leave for Myanmar. After that we travel across the indian ozean, with a short stop on the Andaman Islands towards south India. See more pictures at the gallery.

:::Cyminology live in London:::

22.03.2009: Cyminology live at Kings Place London

Yesterday we came back form London. The 'Hall One' at Kings Place was very very beautiful. Amazing accoustic. We ran out of cs after the concert. After the gig we played a jamsession with ECM-artists: Garth Knox and Agnes Vestermann. Find more pictures at the gallery.

:::Cyminology back from touring:::

09.03.2009: Cyminology back from the record-release

The record release tour is over already. Many thanks to everybody for the support. The concerts were a real joy for all of us. Thanks again for the many great responses to our unwillingly played trio concerts. Ketan had to go to the hospital after a few gigs and stayed there for almost two weeks - now his good again.

:::Cyminology Record-Release-Tour:::

February 2009: Cyminology live in Germany

Tomorrow Cyminologys release tour starts. We can't wait to present our new record to our german audience.

:::Cyminology CD-Release:::

22.03.2009: Cyminologys third CD: As Ney (ECM)

Cyminology: Record release of the new cd "As ney". The album is now officially orderable. Looking forward to some comments on our website. The day after tomorrow we travel to Switzerland to play two concerts. Music at Music. Videos at videos.

:::Cyminology in the Kaukasus Region:::

November 2008: Cyminology in Armenia, Georgia, Aserbaijan and Turkey

Cyminology is back from its tour in the Kaukasus region and Turkey. It was a wonderful experience to travel in Armenia, Georgia, Aserbaidschan and Turkey and play concerts there. In fact the concertshall in Tiflis in Georgia was the coolesCheck pictures at the gallery.

:::First Trio Cd: ´Modular Concepts´:::

19.09.2008: Benedikt Jahnel TRIO - Modular Concepts

Cover Modular Concepts

Benedikt Jahnel - Piano (D)
Antonio Miguel - Bass (ES)
Owen Howard - Drums (CA)

“... shines with crystal clarity and pure unsentimental emotion. The TRIO travels in new ways far beyond clichés into a luminous space of musical freedom.” (Wolfgang Muthspiel)

Available since september 2008 for example at:
(Material Records - Wolfgang Muthspiel)

More details at ´Bands´ > Trio
Sound-Sample at Music

"A major success" (S. Pakzad, Jazzthing 10/08)

:::Cyminology in the Middle East:::

December 2007: Cyminology three weeks in the Middle East

Cyminology is savely back from the three week tour in the middle east. It was a blast - amazing experience in all those interesting countries and places. So many stories: Broken bass, Petra, Damaskus, Sudan etc. - incredible. Find our german blog site here: More pictures at the gallery.

:::Cyminology at HR Broadcasting Station:::

08.10.2007: Cyminology Live-Recording in Darmstadt

The concert at the Centralstation in Darmstadt was part of the symposium "World meets Jazz" from last weekend. HR broadcasting station did a live recording and broadcast on december 2nd 2007 (7:05pm - 8:00pm).

:::Cyminology in New York:::

May 2007: Cyminology concerts in New York

Cyminologys USA tour is almost over. We look back on a exciting and inspiring time. Today there is still one tv-gig with live interview in New Jersey and tomorrow we play in Joe's Pub in Manhattan. After that is quickely goes back to germany.